Omsk Firefighters’ Routine [Video]

The correspondent of the Omsk regional news portal, Daria Komenda, dressed in a firefighter’s outfit and showed the residents of the city how the day of the courageous workers, who is popularly called “firefighter special forces”, passes. 

Picture: Omsk Regional Website

It is noted that the peculiarity of the specialized fire and rescue unit is that employees are not only engaged in firefighting but can also handle emergencies. The airmobile group includes 100 people who are ready to leave the region at any time and help people in other regions in times of danger.

The excursion for the correspondent began from the garage of combat vehicles, where the special equipment is located. At the “ALARM” sound signal, employees who were on the second floor descend from 4-metre poles. In 30 seconds, they put on combat clothing and jump into fire trucks. In a minute, the whole team was ready.

The correspondent asked to show her how does the firefighter’s uniform look like. Pants first, then jacket, special belt, helmet, and protective equipment – all these items rescuers wear both in winter and in summer. In summer, it happens that the temperature reaches +30 degrees, and in winter, clothes get wet and become much heavier.

There is also a training class on the territory of the unit, where firefighters are engaged in the theoretical part for several hours, and there is also a practical part of the classes with a trip to the facilities for working out preliminary planning documents and conducting fire tactical exercises. Thus, there is not so much free time for the rescuers until they are needed again on the next call.

Ru-Main, 11.02.2021 

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