Omsk Hunting Inspectors Received New Cars

The government of the Omsk region decided to finance the hunting inspectors with the necessary equipment. In the vehicle fleet of the Regional Department for the Protection of Animal World, the transport has been in use since 2011-2013. This year, 15 million rubles have been allocated for the renovation of transport, and 6 trailers for transporting snowmobiles and ATVs have already been purchased. 

Today, the head of the region presented to the hunting inspectors 4 snow and swamp-going vehicles Guran and 10 UAZ Hunter vehicles. The governor examined the cars and talked to the hunting inspectors. He said that in fact the vehicle fleet will be renewed by 50%, which will help make work more efficient and help discourage poaching.

It is noted that the new transport will go to 9 districts in the Omsk region. The second auction for the supply of UAZ Hunter vehicles is currently being held. It is planned to add 13 more vehicles to the fleet.

Ru-Main, 26.08.2020, Pictures: Omsk City Government Website 

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