Omsk Received 25-Ruble Coins Dedicated to Doctors

A batch of new commemorative coins dedicated to the work of medical workers has arrived in Omsk. The reverse of the coin depicts two medical workers in protective suits with resuscitation suitcases in front of a hospital and an ambulance, NGS55 reports.  

Picture: Omsk Regional Website

According to the leading expert on the study of banknotes of the Omsk branch of the Bank of Russia, Tatiana Mishkura, the 25-ruble coin was issued with a circulation of 5 million copies. It is noted that the coin is made of a copper-nickel alloy, is slightly larger than a 5-ruble coin, and weighs 10 grammes. It is specified that the coins will go into circulation through commercial banks.

Ru-Main, 30.11.2020 

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