Omsk Refinery Helped in Opening Family Robotics School

​A family robotics school has appeared in the Soviet District of Omsk, where students will be able to develop engineering skills and get acquainted with relevant technical professions. 

Picture: Om1

“Omsk Refinery conducts multi-stage training of specialists to work in high-tech production. By creating modern infrastructure in schools and institutions of additional education, we stimulate children’s interest in science and technology, expand their horizons and range of skills. As a result, the company receives well-trained strong young specialists who are result-oriented from the very first days of work,” the General Director of the Omsk Refinery, Oleg Belyavsky, said.

In the new educational and leisure space, children together with their parents began to engage in game robotics, designing, and programming. The classroom was equipped with computer equipment and 12 basic design kits.

As part of the new programme, the company conducts quest Olympiads, conferences, championships, tournaments for high school students and students of the Gazprom Neft basic department at Omsk State Technical University. Participants receive research experience, and the results are evaluated by the company’s experts.

Ru-Main, 14.01.2022
Source: Om1

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