Omsk Refinery Opened Industrial Safety Academy

The Omsk Refinery “Gazprom Neft” launched the ‘Industrial Safety Academy’ at the Omsk State Technical University. The academy is aimed at improving the professional competencies of the company’s employees, om1 reports. The teachers are university researchers, Gazprom Neft experts, and external trainers. 

Picture: Seatrade Portal

The educational programme includes three thematic blocks. These are competencies in the field of industrial safety, managerial skills, and prospects for the development of oil refining on a global scale.

It is also noted that in 2020, a new digital industrial safety control system was put into operation at the enterprise. The use of neural network elements allows receiving information about the state of a production facility online, predict and prevent possible deviations in advance. It is specified that in the future, the latest system can become part of the industry standard.

Ru-Main, 26.09.2020 

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