Omsk Refinery Teaches Schoolchildren Digital Technologies

The Omsk Oil Refinery ‘Gazprom Neft’ has launched a new career guidance project for schoolchildren called “The Digital Plant”. Omsk high school students will be able to complete a curriculum in the field of digital technologies and machine learning. 

Picture: Omsk Refinery Official Website

“The Omsk Refinery, as a reliable partner of the region, helps to improve the general education system. The company is constantly expanding opportunities for the development and self-realization of students in Omsk schools. The new training course will contribute to the disclosure of the potential of schoolchildren and will help the children decide on the choice of a professional path,” the Minister of Education of the Omsk Region, Tatyana Dernova, said.

The training lasts a year and includes an intensive part in various aspects of digital reality. Schoolchildren will study the use of digital technologies, in particular, the possibility of using IT tools and digital twins in the management and design of oil refining complexes using the example of the Omsk Refinery.

Ru-Main, 15.10.2020 

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