Omsk Resident Created Miniature Ice Book

The well-known Omsk artist and Guinness Book record holder, Anatoly Konenko, created a micro-miniature ice book measuring 40×55 mm. The craftsman keeps the book with the folk tale “The Snow Maiden” in the freezer, TASS reports. 

It is noted that Konenko uses crystal clear ice, which he melts and then pours into special moulds. The resulting pages are combined into a book block using a special technology. The book closes and opens easily, and one can even flip through it but only with gloves. At the moment, the craftsman is thinking about how his masterpiece can be presented to the public. He believes that this requires a freezer with glass so that the book can be clearly visible.

According to the calculations of the creator, the book can be safe another six months, and if he puts it in the freezer and does not touch it at all, it can be kept for a really long time. For this, Anatoly plans to make a plexiglass case for it so that air does not move through it and humidity does not change.

Ru-Main, 14.01.2021, Pictures: TASS Website  

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