Omsk Resident Day Celebration Started With Bright Marathon [Video]

The Omsk Resident Day is created by active citizens together with public organizations to show interesting projects and initiative people. Starting from yesterday and for the whole week, Omsk residents will take part in 19 online events and winners will receive prizes.   

The festive events in 2020 will be broadcast with multi-platform support on the Internet. It can be seen on the official Youtube channel of the event. It is noted that the first day of the celebration marathon was opened by the Creative platform of the Central House of Artists, Theatre, and the Centre for Contemporary Drama. Yesterday, creative performance and congratulations from the theatre actors were broadcast for the citizens.

One of the Omsk families decided to join the celebration and show their sports skills. The congratulations of the active parents and their children were shot on the video and shared on the event’s VK-Page.

Today is the second day of the marathon of festive events. It is entirely dedicated to the family. It is noted that there will take place a bright Family Carnival and an award ceremony for winners in several nominations of contests at the Family Playground from the Centre for Ethnocultural Development and Fairy Tale in the Park. The live broadcast of the events will be available since today, 8 pm on the event’s VK-Page.

Ru-Main, 26.07.2020 

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