Omsk Residents Prohibited Making Loud Sounds at Night

The Government of the Omsk Region introduced amendments to the law on silence, which were adopted on June 11.  

It is noted that Omsk residents will have to comply with the noise ban from 10 pm to 8 am in the territories of the apartment buildings and adjoining territories, special zones of individual residential buildings and houses of blocked development, premises in the territory of educational, medical organizations, as well as organizations providing social, rehabilitation, sanatorium and resort services, and services for temporary accommodation of citizens.

It is forbidden to use sound equipment at high volume at the indicated time, including those installed in vehicles, at trade facilities, public catering, and in leisure organizations. Screams, whistles, singing, and playing musical instruments are also prohibited. City residents can also be fined for the lack of reaction to a dog’s barking or car alarm. From June 29, people must not use rotary hammers, carry out any excavation, repair, construction, loading, unloading, and other types of work where machinery is used.

Ru-Main, 22.06.2020

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