Omsk Women Shared Reasons to Have Children

Omsk regional statistics service (Omskstat) has published statistics on women who became mothers, om1 reports. According to the statistics, there are 692,000 mothers in the region. For nine months of 2020, 13,000 girls gave birth to a child. 

It is stated that the average age when women from Omsk became mothers is 28.5 years. According to statistics, almost every second woman dreamed of having two children, and every fifth, about having three. It was noted that the desire to have children is influenced by education, so the most educated women express less desire to have children.

As for the reasons to have babies, Omsk mothers who have a second child stated that they decided to have it primarily because they wanted to give a friend to their first child, and secondly, to satisfy the desire of their husbands. Women, whose families have three children, decided on this for the hope for help with the housework and a happy old age, to nurse a small child again, or to strengthen their families.

Ru-Main, 01.12.2020 

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