Online Service for Apartment Documents Checking Appeared in Moscow

Moscow Mayor’s official website has launched a new service with which you can verify the authenticity of housing records. The new service can be useful when concluding real estate transactions.  

Moscow residents will be able to obtain information about the extract from the house book or a single housing document to compare it with the information specified in its paper copy. Now all extracts from the house book have QR codes that redirect a user to the website page where he can get the information about the issued document.

Earlier, to verify the authenticity of a document a person had to go to the “My Documents” centre. According to the Head of the Moscow Department of Information Technology, Eduard Lysenko, now, using the service, a future apartment buyer will be able to verify the provided statement in a trusted source by comparing the information received with a paper document. All information is stored so that it cannot be deleted or changed.

Ru-Main, 18.06.2020

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