Orphans Support in Amur Region Increased by Half

The amounts allocated from the budget of the Amur Region to provide housing for orphans in 2021 compared to last year increased by one and a half times (560 million rubles), the press service of the regional government reports. The regional Ministry of Social Protection clarified that in 2020, 393 million rubles were allocated for such aims.  

According to the data of the regional Ministry, almost 4.4 thousand orphans live in the region, 752 of them are assigned living quarters. According to the Ministry of Social Protection, the amount for the purchase of housing in the region has grown fivefold over four years, as in 2018 about 114 million rubles were allocated for this purpose.

“We have a clear criterion for receiving assistance from the region, the age of 25 years. Focusing on it, it is necessary to calculate in the long term how many people can apply for certificates. Based on the need, we will be able to also predict mortgage funding for this direction so that housing received as many residents of the Amur region as possible,” the Governor, Vasily Orlov, said.

It is specified that in 2021, 375.2 million rubles will be allocated to provide housing for special aims for 226 people, 181.7 million rubles for 95 housing certificates, and 2.5 million rubles for the repair of residential premises for 14 recipients of social benefits.

Ru-Main, 27.02.2021 

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