Over 1 Million Rubles Donated for Chelyabinsk Children

As part of the ‘Rodnaya’ Foundation charity evening, Chelyabinsk celebrities and businessmen raised funds for three South Ural children who need help, reports chelTV.  

Picture: Chelyabinsk Regional Website

The starting price of each lot is 10 thousand rubles. However, funds for the purchase of equipment for children are handed over also to piggy banks.

“I was surprised how much these charity traditions are actually developed in the South Urals, how many people are carrying, because a charitable foundation is, first of all, a targeted assistance, and I support it fully when it’s clear where, to whom, why the money are going,” commented Irina Texler, the wife of the Chelyabinsk region governor .

The organizers of the event are sure that the necessary amount of money will be collected. They added that if a child cannot be cured, it does not mean that he cannot be helped.

Ru-Main, 18.02.2020

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