Over 100,000 Muscovites Used “Moving Under Renovation Programme” Service

Residents of Moscow can find out what documents are required for relocation and how to buy a new flat using the “Moving Under the Renovation Programme” service, which was launched in November 2019. The service provides step-by-step instructions for those who would like to change their place of residence for the better one, Moscow Mayor’s official website reports. 

The service was developed by specialists of the Moscow departments of urban planning policy and information technology. The renovation programme was approved in August 2017 and included 5,174 houses. Then, a list of 464 launch sites has been formed. It is specified that since the beginning of the programme, more than 19.5 thousand Muscovites have already received new flats.

It is also noted that in February 2020, the online service was recognized as a popular Russian service on the real estate market and entered the top 10 services through which people can receive government services outside of specialized offices (the list was compiled by the Federal Cadastral Chamber).

Ru-Main, 03.09.2020 

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