Over 15 Thousand Litres Donated Blood Collected in Moscow Suburbs

More than 15 thousand litres of donated blood were collected in the Moscow region this year, Radio 1 reports with reference to the press service of the regional Ministry of Health.

Picture: RIA News Website

The Russian Donor’s Day is traditionally celebrated on April 20. The holiday is dedicated to those who donate their blood, and to doctors who provide work in this area. Since November 2017, in the regions of Russia, an interregional marathon of donor practices has been held in order to replenish the regional blood banks and involve citizens in a regular free donation of blood and its components, RIA News reports.

It is stated that since the beginning of this year, over 21 thousand people donated blood and its components, of which more than 4 thousand people became donors for the first time, RIA News reports. It is also noted by RIA News that 60 COVID-19 survivors became plasma donors for the treatment of coronavirus, as their blood contains antibodies to this disease, so it can be used to treat patients with a new infection.

Ru-Main, 21.04.2020

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