Over 20,000 Almetyevsk Schoolchildren to Receive Food Packages During Quarantine

Distribution of grocery packages was organized in Almetyevsk schools. The sets were purchased with funds allocated from the budget of Tatarstan for the nutrition of each student (7 rubles 70 kopecks for one day), Almetyevsk-ru reports.

For April-May 2020, the sum amounted to approximately 350 rubles. In total, over 20,000 schoolchildren will receive the sets which contain cereals, pasta, gingerbread cookies, tea, and condensed milk. It is stated that 1,423 children from large and low-income families will be provided with the necessary products. The pupils from the preferential categories will receive 2 food sets. It is also noted that schools made a schedule according to which parents approach the school and pick up packages so that there are no crowds.

Ru-Main, 22.05.2020

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