Over 20,000 Trees to Be Planted in Moscow by 2021

More than 20 thousand trees and about 625 thousand shrubs will be planted in Moscow by the end of 2020 under the ‘Million Trees’ landscaping programme, according to the official website of the Mayor of Moscow. Since 2013, over 126 thousand trees and 3 million shrubs have already been planted. 

“Just last spring, as part of the programme, we planted more than 11 thousand trees and 365 thousand shrubs,” the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Housing and Utilities and Improvement, Petr Biryukov, said.

According to the results of the residents’ vote, about 2,500 trees and 196,089 shrubs will appear in Moscow yards, and another 339,794 shrubs will become hedges in the yards. It is also noted that 228 trees and 5 thousand shrubs will be planted near social facilities, as well as 18,456 trees and 83,531 shrubs will appear to replace the lost plants.

Ru-Main, 13.10.2020 

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