Over 3 Billion Rubles Allocated in Nizhny Novgorod Region for Farmers Support

Since the beginning of the year, 3.1 billion rubles of subsidies have been allocated for the development of Nizhny Novgorod agro-industrial enterprises, according to the regional government website. Of the allocated funds, 2.2 billion rubles were taken from the regional budget. 

In total, this year agricultural enterprises will receive 4.2 billion rubles. Thanks to subsidies, farmers will be able to develop dairy and beef cattle breeding, carry out fieldwork for which it is necessary to purchase seeds, fertilizers, fuel, and plant protection products. The money will also be used to upgrade agricultural machinery and land reclamation. It is also noted that financial support will allow enterprises to develop elite seed growing and horticulture.

Ru-Main, 25.09.2020 

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