Over 400 New Buses to Appear in Moscow in 2020

Until the end of 2020, 400 new large-capacity buses will enter the routes of Moscow. They will work in the east, south, and southwest of the city, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reported.  

Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website

It is noted that the city government is constantly updating transport so that residents feel comfortable. Recently, they have already received 35 new low-floor buses of particularly high capacity, and by the end of the year, their number will increase to 440. The buses are convenient, spacious, and meet all modern requirements. Each bus is designed for 140 people. They are also suitable for people with limited mobility. It is also specified that the cabin includes video surveillance and climate control systems, as well as special connectors for charging electronic devices.

Ru-Main, 15.07.2020

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