Over 500 Schoolchildren Took Part in “Night of Technology” Intellectual Quest

Educational quest for students of engineering classes “Night of Technology” took place at the National Research University. 26 teams from 23 schools took part in the quest. 

Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website

The main goal was to instil in children love of engineering. The quest is an opportunity for children to show deep subject knowledge and demonstrate modern skills.

The educational quest took place in two stages. The first was called Homework. Each team prepared a presentation of engineering development and presented it to the expert council, which included leading university professors. At the second stage called Walking Along the Route, each team needed to attend two interactive classes and solve cases on scientific topics.

In total, the organizers of the quest prepared for the young engineers more than thirty different masterclasses. So, students had to solve the quiz, engineering problems and puzzles, and also perform laboratory work using high-tech equipment.

For each stage, teams were awarded points. The winners won prizes and received intellectual games as a gift, and most importantly, additional points for individual achievements upon admission.

Ru-Main, 16.12.2019

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