Over 6.5 Million Trees Planted in Moscow in Past 10 Years

About 6.5 million trees and shrubs were planted in Moscow in ten years, VM.RU reports, with reference to the head of the Moscow department of natural resources and environmental protection Anton Kulbachevsky. 

Picture: Moscow Regional Website

According to him, it makes no sense to globally compare the capital of Russia with New York, since New York is located on the ocean, and Moscow is a city on seven hills. The head of the department said that 650 thousand trees grow in New York, and it turns out that in 10 years they “planted New York from scratch”.

In 2019, 79 thousand trees and 1.6 million shrubs were planted in the city, the head of the department noted. In the spring of 2020, it is also planned to plant another 5.5 thousand trees and about 350 thousand bushes.

Ru-Main, 02.03.2020

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