Over 60 Flights Delayed or Cancelled at Moscow Airports Due to Fog [Video]

More than 60 flights at three Moscow airports (Vnukovo, Domodedovo, and Sheremetyevo) were not completed and thus, did not manage to get people to the destination point on time due to thick fog. 

According to the information given by Yandex.Schedule service, at 7.59 am Moscow time on Wednesday, November 3, 15 flights were delayed and 8 were cancelled in Vnukovo, 29 were delayed and 6 were cancelled in Domodedovo, and 3 were delayed and 4 were cancelled in Sheremetyevo.

According to Yandex.Schedule, on Tuesday morning, November 2, more than 200 flights did not depart according to the planned schedule. By the evening there were more than 120 of them left. However, the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviation) stated that the airports of the Moscow air hub are operating normally at the moment.

According to the local news agency, fog in Moscow became the second most popular topic of search queries after coronavirus in the Russian version of Google, according to the analytics data of the Google Trends service. Thus, on November 2, the number of queries with the word “fog” increased by 50 thousand.


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According to meteorologist, Alexey Safonov, autumn and spring anticyclones have such a feature as ingression clouds and cooling mists, when it is warm during the day, and at night the temperature drops rapidly, so all the moisture that is inside this air volume turns into a foggy state.

“The density of the fog depends on what the humidity was before. The humidity was high, 65-70 per cent. As for the Moscow fog, the density of it, of course, was contributed by a suspension of small particles of fuel ignition, that is, the so-called smog, it was recorded in several districts of Moscow, even before that, even in the afternoon at 2-3 o’clock, smog formations were noticed in the southern regions. One thing added up to the other, and a thick fog was formed,” the meteorologist explained.

The specialist assumed that such fogs will most likely be observed for several more days. They are fleeting and everything will be fine by day, BFM reports. It is still difficult to say how thick the fog will be. In addition, it is noted that the “yellow” level of weather danger due to fog has been declared in almost all of Central Russia, where fog is also condensing.


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Ru-Main, 03.11.2021
Source: RIA Novosti 

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