Over 65 Billion Rubles Allocated to Russian Doctors

Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Tatyana Golikova, announced that 65.9 billion rubles have been allocated for additional payments to doctors fighting coronavirus, TASS reported. At the moment, 65.9 billion rubles have already been allocated from the federal budget for these purposes. 

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, together with the Ministry of Finance, carried out the necessary calculations and determined that at the moment, to avoid problems with the functioning of medical organizations in the provision of planned care, it is necessary to allocate to them 47.5 billion rubles, of which 44.2 billion rubles. will go to pay directly for medical care, and 3.3 billion rubles will go to pay for testing. It is specified that another 2.4 billion rubles will go to pay for medical care as part of compulsory health insurance to federal organizations that are under the jurisdiction of federal government bodies.

Ru-Main, 11.08.2020 

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