Over 7,000 Payments Made Muscovites Through Charity Service

Moscow residents have made more than seven thousand payments since the start of the charity service on the official website of the city mayor. The total amount of payments was about two million rubles. All the proceeds were directed to charitable programmes of Moscow non-profit organizations (NPO). 

It is specified that thanks to charitable payments, social and psychological rehabilitation for people with disabilities is carried out, assistance is provided to pregnant women and mothers in difficult situations, and programmes for the provision of humanitarian assistance and assistance to seriously ill children are being carried out.

It is noted that city residents can choose themselves whom they wish to help, and also set the number of donations themselves. The Moscow authorities hope that with the help of the service they will be able to collect the amounts of money they need. It is said that even if citizens regularly donate 10 rubles, this will in any case contribute to the total amount.

Ru-Main, 03.02.2021 

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