Over 80% Russians Control Electricity Consumption to Preserve Environment

Specialists of the All-Russian Public Opinion Foundation (FOM) conducted a survey among Russians and found out how they relate to the problem of electricity consumption in the world. It turned out that the majority of the country’s residents are sure that the ecological situation in the world is currently bad (47%) or satisfactory (43%), and only 4% are sure that it is good. 

Moreover, 57% of Russians are sure that the environmental situation in the world is only getting worse, while 27% believe that it is not changing, and 8% are sure that it is improving. However, the share of negatively-minded respondents fell in comparison with 2019 (64% in 2019 and 57% now), and the share of those who are confident in the stability of the situation, on the contrary, increased from 22% then to 27% now.

According to the majority of respondents (60%), industrial enterprises and processing industries are especially harmful to the environment. Also, according to the respondents, the chemical industry (18%), industry in general (17%), oil and gas processing (16%), metallurgy and landfills or waste incineration (8% each), extractive industries (7%), and enterprises that produce emissions into the environment (6%) have a great influence on it.

Least of all, in the opinion of respondents, cars and transport harm the environment (5%), as well as the energy industry and deforestation (4% each), mechanical engineering and agriculture (2% each), the paper and pulp industry, the nuclear industry, and the processing industry in general (1% each).

Russians worry about environmental problems and believe that too little attention is paid to them in the modern world (61%). The majority of Russians (60%) are confident that the development of new types of energy can seriously improve the state of the environment in the next 5-10 years. In addition, 42% of respondents believe that in the coming years the share of energy received from renewable sources in Russia will only grow.

However, Russians are confident (57%) that a complete rejection of traditional energy sources in the world at the end of the 21st century is rather impossible since progress is slow (8%), humanity does not have enough knowledge for this (7%), and complete rejection is economically unprofitable (7%).

Moreover, Russians think that producers of traditional energy sources will prevent the switch to alternative sources (6%). Some respondents also believe that people are too used to traditional sources and are not ready to give up using them (3%). In addition, the respondents named the instability of alternative sources and their dependence on weather and climate as another problem (2%).

Experts have also found out that the overwhelming majority of Russians (83%) save energy in their homes. Moreover, they do the same at work, on vacation, and on a visit (73%). Thus, 43% of the respondents use lighting devices only when it is necessary, 17% turn off the electricity when it is not needed, 16% do the same with electrical devices, 13% strictly limit their use of electricity in general,  and 9% use energy-saving devices in their everyday life.

Ru-Main, 11.06.2021 

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