Over 80% Russians Had No Vacation This Summer

The majority of Russians (81 per cent) did not go on vacation this summer, according to the data of a survey conducted by the analytical centre NAFI in late August-early September 2020. The survey involved 1.6 thousand people over 18 years old from 53 regions of the country, Interfax reports. 

It is noted that those who went on vacation most often travelled by car (63 per cent). It is stated that residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg more often than other Russians go abroad on vacation in the summer. Also, in these two cities, the leisure sector is well developed, which allows people to have a nice rest without leaving the cities.

It is specified that most of those who missed their summer vacation are residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg (86 per cent), as well as people aged 60 and older (90 per cent). It also turned out that Russians like to travel by train and plane (16 per cent each), and also by bus (5 per cent).

Ru-Main, 16.09.2020 

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