Over 80% Russians Think Positively About Colleagues With Hearing Impairments

The majority of Russians (87 per cent) positively assess the quality of work of employees with hearing impairments, 65 per cent believe that it is no worse than that of hearing employees, 13 per cent think that it is even better than that of hearing ones, and 9 per cent that it is much better, VN.ru reports.  

Picture: Photobank Website

It is noted that in cities with a population of over one million, respondents meet deaf workers in occupations that do not require special skills (35 per cent), at checkouts in supermarkets (27 per cent), and in taxis (22 per cent). In Moscow, respondents most often meet deaf employees as cashiers in supermarkets (42 per cent), in professions that do not require special skills (29 per cent), as well as in delivering orders, ready-made food, or groceries (17 per cent).

Ru-Main, 28.09.2020 

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