Parents of Russian High School Students Counted Expenses on Tutors

The older a student, the more money parents spend on his lessons with tutors, parents of Russian 7-11 graders told the specialists of the SuperJob job search service. 

The fact that a child systematically has lessons with a tutor was reported by 27 per cent of parents of 7th and 8th graders, as well as 34 per cent of parents of 9th graders. In grades 10-11, when a student begins to prepare for the Unified State Exam and admission to a university, 43 per cent of parents already turn to tutors for help.

As a rule, in grades 7-8, the tasks of the tutor include improving the child’s academic performance, eliminating knowledge gaps and preparing for the educational contests. Most often this applies to English, Maths, Russian, sometimes Physics, and also foreign languages ​​except English. It is specified that the average cost of tutoring for a 7-8-grader is 2,800 rubles per week.

In high school, the main goal of working with a tutor is to successfully pass the final exams and the Unified State Exam. Parents of 9th graders spend on average 3,000 rubles a week on private lessons, while parents of 10-11 grade students spend 3,500 rubles. In addition to Maths, Russian, English, and Physics, the top 5 subjects for students of this age also includes Chemistry in the 9th grade, as well as History and Social Studies in the 10th-11th grades.

Ru-Main, 13.04.2021 

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