Passenger Cars Purchases by Russian Legal Entities Increased by 39%

In January-April 2021, 83 thousand new passenger cars were registered for legal entities in Russia, which is 39 per cent more than in the first 4 months of last year, according to the experts of the AUTOSTAT analytical agency.  

Specialists noted that in general, the share of corporate clients in the reporting period accounted for more than 16 per cent of the total market volume (a year ago it was about 14 per cent). Traditionally, Moscow companies took the lead by purchasing 20.2 thousand new passenger cars in January-April 2021. St. Petersburg legal entities purchased 6.7 thousand such cars, and organizations of the Moscow region, 5.5 thousand cars. The top five also included the Krasnodar Territory (3.5 thousand cars) and Tatarstan (3.2 thousand cars).

The experts clarified that only in four regions of the country corporate purchases of cars showed a negative trend. These are Kalmykia (-15 per cent), Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (-25 per cent), Chukotka (-29 per cent), and Sakhalin (-36 per cent). However, these subjects of the Russian Federation did not affect the overall picture, and most of the regional purchases of cars by legal entities showed growth, which in five regions even exceeded 100 per cent (Primorsky Krai, Bryansk region, Arkhangelsk region, Tyva, and Nenets Autonomous Okrug).

Ru-Main, 07.06.2021 

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