Patriarch Kirill Warned: Desire to Destroy Russia Leads to World’s End

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia believes that Russia’s defeat in the current conditions can lead to disastrous consequences for all mankind, in case some “crazy people” try to defeat “strong Russians” who have never experienced a fall. 

“Today there are very big threats to the world, to our country, and to the entire human race, because some crazy people had the idea that the great Russian power, possessing powerful weapons, populated by very strong people who from generation to generation have always been motivated to win, who have never given up to any enemy, who have always emerged victorious, that they can either be defeated in the current conditions, or, as they say now, ‘reformatted’, that is, imposed certain values on them, which cannot even be called values, so that they become like everyone else and obey those who have the power to control most of the world,” he said after the liturgy at the Epiphany Cathedral in Moscow on the occasion of the feast of Epiphany.

The Patriarch told that “we pray to the Lord that he will bring those madmen to reason and help them understand that any desire to destroy Russia will mean the end of the world.” He also considers it important to pray for the human race to gain some new consciousness of its interdependence and the fragility of the world in which we all live, the need to be together and work for common values and goals that would be aimed primarily at preserving life and faith in God.

“We believe that the Lord will not leave the Russian land, will not leave our authorities, our Orthodox President, our army, that Russia will have the strength to protect its land and its people if necessary,” the Patriarch wished.

Ru-Main, 19.01.2023
Source: Interfax

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