People’s Opinion: Opportunities for Self-Realization in Russia

The majority of Russians (76%) are confident that the state can make so that people in all regions of the country have equal opportunities to achieve success in life. By success they mean a workplace for every person, an improvement in the economy, as well as an increase in wages and pensions, according to the Public Opinion Foundation portal.  

Most of all (65%) respondents aged 18-30 are confident about a high possibility of self-realization in Russia. Also, 59% of Russians believe that in their region there is an opportunity to find a job suitable for their skills and abilities. When asked how the opportunities for self-realization differ in a particular region, 46% answered that the opportunities are about the same everywhere.

The best criteria contributing to achieving success in the regions, Russians called the developed economy, the availability of jobs, and a lot of resources. Also, 68% of Russians answered that they do not want to move from their home region, while 29% consider it possible. Among the reasons for staying in their region, people named love for home and Motherland (28%), well-arranged life and comfortable conditions (23%), as well as affection for family and friends (10%).

Ru-Main, 16.11.2020 

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