People’s Opinion: Pros and Cons of Remote Work in Russia

According to the study conducted in April 2020 among almost 900 companies, 63% of employers surveyed were satisfied with the remote work format during the period of self-isolation, although 60% did not consider remote work to be more effective than office work, reports RT.

So, 52% of the survey participants are satisfied with the situation, as thanks to the remote work you do not waste time on the way to the office, as well as money for eating out. 25% note savings in the rental of working space. Another 23% of respondents called the company’s ability to hire an employee from anywhere in Russia and the world one of the advantages of working from home.

According to the results of the survey, the lack of personal communications (34%), as well as low motivation and involvement of colleagues (27%), are the main disadvantages of distance work. Another 22% of respondents noted that it is difficult to control employees at remote work, 8% believe that employees have less loyalty to the company, and 7% reported information leakage.

Ru-Main, 27.04.2020

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