Personal Parade Held for Rostov Veteran

Today, about a hundred schoolchildren, students, and officials gathered near the home of 96-year-old veteran Petr Nikitin and his wife, who, due to health reasons, were unble to attend the parade on the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Rostov. 

Front workers were congratulated on the holiday, and right at their house entrance, a personal parade was held. The celebration took place in very difficult weather conditions, as there was a strong snowstorm outside.

After the parade, Rostov schoolchildren presented flowers to the front-line soldier and his wife and thanked them for the feat. The street part of the celebration took place in 10 minutes, and the celebration of Petr and his wife Isabella continued with a cup of tea in their apartment, where they were presented with a commemorative medal.

In total, 4 personal parades were held in Rostov right at the homes of veterans who participated in the liberation of the city. Similar celebrations take place in other cities of Russia.

Ru-Main, 12.02.2020, Pictures: Rostov Regional Website 

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