Ufa Photographer Shot Janitor in GQ Style

Janitor Yura from Ufa got in trouble. Fraudsters took advantage of his disability and took out loans in his name for a total of about 700,000 rubles. 

Ufa photographer, Roman Filippov, came to the man’s aid. He organized a photoshoot for the janitor, posted his photo on his Instagram-account and, having told this sad story, in just a day, managed to help Yura pay off his debts.

The photographer met Yura in a camp for disabled children long ago, where his mom worked. Years later, already working as a janitor, Yura met the photographer’s mother, went to visit her and talked about his hard life. The kind woman and her mother, the photographer’s grandmother, took pity on the man and decided to give him shelter. Later, the photographer’s grandmom became Yura’s godmother. She helped him get the necessary papers and receive financial support from the state.

However, the money was sorely lacking and then Roman published the story of Yura and his photo on his Instagram-account, calling on all those who were not indifferent to help the man.

People immediately responded and were very worried about the situation. They tried to find out how scammers can be punished and how they can still help a man.

A day later the photographer announced that the required amount of money was collected and the debt was paid off. He thanked all those who were not indifferent and promised to continue helping Yura in the future.

Ru-Main, 19.01.2021, Pictures: Roman Filippov’s Instagram-Account  

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