Pink Snake Caused Panic in St. Petersburg Train

The pink snake appeared in the carriage of the train from St. Petersburg to Volgograd.

Picture: Guide for Pet Owners Website

A reptile peacefully travelled in a compartment. In the hall where passengers made noise, none of them recognized the snake, reports VDV News.

“The stowaway turned out to be a corn snake, which is considered a decorative and bred selectively,” – the portal writes.

It was noted that this species does not pose a danger to humans, and therefore the snake was absolutely harmless and, most likely, was more scared than the people around it.

In Yelets, the head veterinarian Aleksey Shishkin hastened to reassure the passengers that the snake is not dangerous. However, the journey of the snake had to be interrupted. It was sent to the Lipetsk Zoo.

Ru-Main, 28.12.2019

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