‘Pobeda’ Airlines Launched “Flights to Nowhere”

The ‘Pobeda’ Airlines decided to support the global trend and launched “flights to nowhere”. The first flight took place on December 19, RIA News reports. 

It is noted that the tickets for the first flight were fully redeemed in eight minutes, and for the second flight in six minutes. The pilot, Alexey Kochemasov, is at the helm of the plane, and for an hour and a half leads an author’s excursion over the cities of the Golden Ring.

“It’s not we who came up with the idea of ​​performing such flights. This is a global trend… There are air travellers who are ready to fly for the sake of flight: they enjoy it, just like us. For now, as an experiment, we will perform two special flights on the Moscow – Moscow route,” a representative of the airline said.

Ru-Main, 21.12.2020 

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