Popularity of Yandex Services Grew by 60% during Winter Holidays

Yandex.Eda is a service that allows you to order food from your favourite local cafes and restaurants. On New Year’s Eve, service users most often ordered traditional dishes – Russian salad and dressed herring, RIA News reported. 

On December 31 and January 1, the number of orders for the Yandex.Eda delivery service increased by 60% compared to last year. The average check of one order compared to ordinary days has grown by more than 20%. In Moscow, they ordered food twice as active as in 2019, and in Novosibirsk – thrice.

Fast food orders, Japanese rolls, khinkali and khachapuri were also popular, as well as strawberry cocktail and cappuccino. At Yandex.Lavka the most ordered were tangerines, half-kilogram packages of Russian salad, dressed herring, mimosa salad and sweet soda.

Ru-Main, 08.01.2020

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