Postage Stamp Dedicated to Russian Patriot Singer Issued in Moscow

A collector’s postage stamp with the image of People’s Artist of the USSR, political and public figure Joseph Kobzon, was released in Moscow, in the city’s office of the Cultural Fund “Kobzon”. 

Picture: Moslenta

“This is a monument to a man, but an unusual one — it will travel all over the world. And I’m very happy about it, I’m just happy, because the release of the stamp is a sign of great respect for the talent and work of an outstanding artist. This ‘candle of memory’ will be lit much more often than any other,” Kobzon’s sister, musicologist and musician Gelena Kandel, told reporters.

It became known that the stamp was issued in a series dedicated to outstanding Russians who were awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland of three degrees, of which the artist was a full cavalier.

Ru-Main, 16.11.2022
Source: Moslenta

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