Programs for Car Recognition Developed in Chelyabinsk

A powerful load on the computer system occurred on Black Friday. At this time, the car, with closed numbers, tried to drive under the cameras. The participants of the ChelHak marathon tried to restore the sites and recognize the driver-intruder.

Hundreds of IT specialists decided to participate in the Chelyabinsk hackathon. Natalya Yusova and her colleagues decided to try their hand. The guys are sure that in the age of information technology, the development of “smart” applications is necessary.

The word hackathon itself comes from the English – hacker and marathon. That is the forum was dedicated to developers, where, for a limited time, participants must create a ready-made application or program. Work in teams – from two to five people.

This time, the task was to unload the system, which crashed on Black Friday and develop a program for reading license plates – from any angle and with any visibility. In Chelyabinsk, the hackathon tradition was laid by Intersvyaz. This year, the circle of organizers has become wider – here the three largest universities and dozens of companies in the region have joined forces.

The winners of the Chelyabinsk hackathon received 200 thousand rubles. However, money is not the main thing, the organizers are sure. Everyone who has shown himself at the Chelyabinsk forum of programmers will be able to undergo additional training and get a nice bonus – an offer to take an internship in one of the organizing companies.

Ru-Main, 03.12.2019

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