Psychologists Told About Russian Marriage New Type

Russian psychologists told about a new type of marriage that has become popular in the country. Now, the most popular kind of marriage among Russians is partnership. However, it mostly applies residents of large cities, while on the periphery, on the contrary, the traditional type of relationship remains a priority. 

According to the clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Tatyana Bednik, in the best case, these are partners, but it also happens so that a woman is in charge of all the affairs, and a man is involved in the household and children care. She noted that the patriarchal model of the family is no longer interesting to most people living in Russia.

It is also noted that women are less likely to seek marriage and are planning marriage only after age 30. This mostly applies to girls who have received a good education and are going to build their career first, Ridus reported.

Ru-Main, 29.07.2020

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