Public Opinion: Real Man’s Most Important Character Traits

On the eve of International Men’s Day, which was celebrated yesterday, n November 19, the NAFI Analytical Centre conducted the all-Russian survey to study the attitude of the male half of the country’s inhabitants to the image of a “real man”. 

According to Russian men, the defining events in the life of every man should take place before the age of 30. In particular, a man must leave his parent’s house and find a well-paid job before he reaches the age of 21, get married at 25, and become a father at 27.

Also, the respondents named masculinity (13 per cent), responsibility (11 per cent), decency (11 per cent), physical strength (9 per cent), and courage (9 per cent) as the main character traits of a “real man”.

It is noted that the majority of the male population of the country (56 per cent) believe that they possess these qualities. It is specified that the higher the position, the level of income, and the larger the size of a family, the more expressed a man’s confidence in accordance with the image.

Ru-Main, 20.11.2020 

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