Public Opinion: Russians Believe in National Character and Inborn Kindness

The All-Russian Centre for the Study of Public Opinion found out that 70% of Russians who participated in the survey are sure that the “Russian character”, that is, features characteristic of the majority, really exists, WCIOM reported.   

It is noted that 32% of respondents who think that the national character of Russians exists, consider kindness, sincerity, and empathy as positive traits of their compatriots. This is followed by masculinity, perseverance, resilience, dedication (23%), tolerance, and reliability (18%). As the main negative feature was mentioned the addiction to alcohol (21%), hope for a lucky break, laziness, and lack of initiative (17%).

It is also specified that 47% of the surveyed believe in the existence of a “Western character”, and 33% believe that citizens of the USA, Germany, England, France, and other countries have no common features. Among those who managed to find common features in Western people, 7% highlighted responsibility, the ability to behave, respect for each other and for the law as the positive features, and 11% said that prudence, mercantilism, and pragmatism are the negative traits of foreigners.

Ru-Main, 24.08.2020 

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