Pyatigorsk Aircraft Designer Created New Convertible Plane [Video]

An aircraft designer from Pyatigorsk, Alexander Begak, presented a unique transformer aircraft at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021 at Zhukovsky airport in the Moscow region, Ruptly reports. 

The “begalyot” (“begaplane”) developed by the Moscow Aviation Institute graduate Alexander Begak is a third-generation paralet, a new type of vehicle that can drive, fly, and swim, thus being a real transformer. So, the GreenFly-New “begaplane” is both a car and an aeroplane. Moreover, it can also transform into a motorboat.

“This is an ecological means of transport. It allows you to travel on electricity in a city. Due to this fact, you can easily charge it very quickly via household outlet, without using gas stations. It runs 100 kilometres. The device weighs about 80 kilogrammes,” the aircraft designer specified.

The aeroplane creator added that with a removable wing a “begaplane” is able to fly about 400 kilometres at a speed of 150 kilometres per hour. For take-off, the device needs an ordinary ground longer than 70 metres. Besides, in addition to an electronic engine, it is equipped with a gasoline one for longer flights.

“The goal and idea was to create a unique aircraft. Can you imagine, this aircraft weighs only 108 kilogrammes, does not require certification or registration. You can install this wing on your home transport, for example on your electric car. Then fly 400 kilometres. We have the opportunity to use eco-transport not only for flights but also for life,” Alexander said.

Ru-Main, 05.08.2021

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