Quality Control Experts Named Top Sausage Brands

The expert council of the All-Russian Union of Consumers (Roscontrol) announced the results of the research of sausages and identified the best manufacturers.

Picture: Rublevskiy Sausages Website

It is noted that such brands as Rublevskiy, Dymov, Myasnoy Dom Borodina, Selgros, Malakhovsky, and Okraina took part in the study. According to the results, the products of all brands are recognized as safe and are approved for consumption. Experts noted that the best taste had the Okraina sausages. It was also recommended to buy sausages of the Rublevskiy and Malakhovsky brands. The products of the brands Myasnoy Dom Borodina, Dymov, and Selgros did not pass the taste test.

Ru-Main, 07.07.2020

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