Rapper Morgenshtern Became Separate Phenomenon for Russian Youth

The MTS big data analysts have calculated the mobile traffic of the youth audience and found out that the work of the rapper Morgenshtern stands out as a separate independent phenomenon, equal to such categories as “online shopping”, “education”, or “entertainment”, RIA News reports.  

The analysts have studied the mobile traffic of the audience aged 15 to 19, which accounts for the creativity and other activity of the artist Morgenshtern on the Internet from July to September 2020. The study analyzed a set of factors, including behavioural activities and impersonal user traffic to official accounts on Instagram, YouTube, VKontakte, TikTok, and the number of listens to his songs on the MTS Music service.

It is specified that the total volume of mobile Internet traffic on resources related to the artist’s activities for the analyzed three months is comparable to the total volume of mobile traffic generated by a small Russian city or administrative district of Moscow. More than half of teens spend at least two and a half hours a week watching the artist-related content. In the MTS Music service since the beginning of summer 2020 by the number of listeners, the artist has entered the top five.

Ru-Main, 21.10.2020 

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