Rare Kind of Bullfinch Seen in Urals 

In the southern Urals, an endangered bird was found that lives in only one place on the planet. Azores bullfinch is found on the island of San Miguel, which is part of the Azores group of island, chelTV reports. 

Picture: Chelyabinsk Regional Website

At the beginning of the last century, birds were on the verge of extinction, then they began to be met more often. The Azores bullfinch is distinguished by the fact that it is larger than a regular bullfinch and has plumage of chocolate colour. And there are bright orange bullfinches that live in the Himalayas, and red ones are found in China.

Several legends are associated with these birds. According to one of them, this is a burn that a bird received when it brought celestial fire to people. In the summer birds hide in the forests, and in the cold, they move to cities where there is more food. Their appearance is considered a good omen since these birds are called a symbol of love.

Ru-Main, 01.03.2020

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