RBC Rating: 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Russia

RBC specialists have compiled an annual rating of the fastest-growing companies in Russia in 2021. To get into it, a company must show annual growth of at least 20 per cent for three years. Interestingly, among the fastest-growing companies were not only relatively young projects but also Norilsk Nickel (Nornickel) and Yandex, which have long been known in the Russian economy sector.   

The Tomsk Fuel Company (TTK) took first place in the rating with the revenue dynamics as follows: 21.7 per cent (2020-2019), 368.6 per cent (2019-2018), 539.0 per cent (2018-2017). Net revenue: 41,905 million rubles (2020), 34,439 million rubles (2019), 7,349 million rubles (2018), 1,150 million rubles (2017). The final rating score is 151.83.

In second place is the bookmaker Winline with the revenue dynamics as follows: 62.1 per cent (2020-2019), 171.8 per cent (2019-2018), 342.6 per cent (2018-2017). Net revenue: 41,947 million rubles (2020), 29,582 million rubles (2019), 10,884 million rubles (2018), 2,459 million rubles (2017). The final rating score is 123.79.

The third place was taken by the machine-building holding “Transport Components” with the revenue dynamics as follows: 27.8 per cent (2020-2019), 22.7 per cent (2019-2018), 455.4 per cent (2018-2017). Net revenue: 67,232 million rubles (2020), 52,624 million rubles (2019), 42,883 million rubles (2018), 7,721 million rubles (2017). The final rating score is 95.36.

Also in the top ten of the rating were the “Ingrad” investment and development holding (with a final score of 95.21), the “Stroyproektservice” transport company (91.03), the “CDEK-Global” international logistics company (90.45), the “Zerno Zavolzhya” Trading House (87.86), the Ozon online store (80.92), the “Ural Logistik” transport company (80.16), and the “TransEnergoSnab” high-tech company (79.89).

According to experts, the total revenue of the 50 fastest-growing Russian companies turned out to be the highest in the entire history of the rating and amounted to 3,110 billion rubles by the end of 2020. A year earlier, this figure was equal to 1,843 billion rubles. The previous largest value of the total revenue of the rating was 2,684 billion rubles. It was recorded in the 2018 rating based on the results of the participants’ activities in 2017. The average revenue of the current rating was 62 billion rubles against 37 billion rubles last year.

In addition, it was found that the three largest companies in the rating (Norilsk Nickel, Yandex, and Fix Price) account for almost half (49.1 per cent) of the total revenue of the whole rating. The biggest profit was shown by the largest company in the rating, Norilsk Nickel, 245.4 billion rubles.

Fonbet betting company became the most profitable participant of the rating. Its net profit margin was 44.6 per cent of the company’s revenue. The largest revenue growth rates over the past year in the rating were shown by companies in the Agriculture and food sector (average of 85.2 per cent). Industry leadership in terms of revenue went to the Metals and Mining sector, the retail sector took second place, and Internet trade occupied third place of the ranking.

Besides, it is stated that of the 50 companies, 17 are registered in Moscow. However, the highest growth rates showed the Tomsk region represented by the leader of the rating ( 309.8 per cent on average per year for three years). The second in terms of growth is the Leningrad Region, represented by Stroyproektservice with an average annual growth of 115.3 per cent. The third place with an average annual growth rate of 105.8 per cent is occupied by the companies from the Novosibirsk region.

Ru-Main, 21.12.2021 
Source: RBC 

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