Reindeer Joined Passengers in Norilsk Bus [Video]

In Norilsk, eyewitnesses filmed a Russian woman getting a reindeer into a bus and published the video on the Krasnoyarsk VK community page.  

The video shows a woman in a warm jacket walking with a deer on a leash along the sidewalk. She enters the bus with her animal and one of the passengers helps her to get inside. The woman told that she and her deer Ayakli had to use public transport, as they lost their car and got tired of going on foot.

“We live outside the city. My legs hurt, of course, but let’s go. I don’t want to make her a sled, this is not a sled deer, she is a sacred animal, a pet, a family member. She is the decoration of the city,” said the woman.

Picture: RIA Novosti Telegram Channel

She added that in the morning the conductors did not let her into the transport, but in the evening, when they were returning from the patronal feast for children, the conductor and the driver of another bus allowed her to use public transport together with her animal.

Ru-Main, 09.11.2021
Source: Lenta 

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