Remotely Registered Unemployed Kazan Residents Receive State Benefits

In Kazan, remotely registered unemployed received benefits in the amount of 30 million rubles, the deputy head of the City Executive Committee, Ildar Shakirov announced.

It is noted that in April, 716 Kazan residents were employed in the city. In total, over 18 thousand people are registered with the city’s employment authorities for today, and there are 8,032 vacancies in Kazan still free.

“As of April 1, there were almost 5 times less unemployed, that is 3,970 people. I remind you that employers need to provide information to the Pension Fund on hiring and firing employees in a timely manner,” Shakirov said.

Shakirov recalled that the entire procedure for assigning benefits is carried out remotely. Everyone who applies to the employment authorities gets access to the vacancy database, the unemployed are given a job direction, focusing on professional education, qualifications, and experience.

Ru-Main, 19.05.2020

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