Restaurant Chefs to Hold Masterclasses for Rostov Region Military

In the Rostov Region, restaurant chefs and military chefs will conduct masterclasses as part of the ‘Field Kitchen’ competition ARMI-2021, 1rnd reports.  

Picture: Rostov Regional Website

The district stage of the competition will be held on April 21, 2021. Military chefs will prepare more than 10 dishes from the cuisines of the peoples of the Caucasus, as well as the Don and Kuban. Also, military specialists themselves will take a masterclass from the chefs of Rostov restaurants. Experts will prepare an approved menu and the jury will evaluate the cooking technique, as well as the taste and aesthetic qualities of the dishes.

It is specified that more than 100 servicemen of the Southern Military District will take part in the competition. The teams of the combined-arms associations, the Black Sea Fleet, the Caspian Flotilla, the Air Force, and Air Defence Army, the railway troops, and the logistics support units of the Southern Military District are represented in the competition.

Contestants in the field will cook a hodgepodge, fish balls with rice and vegetables under hollandaise sauce, a turkey and apple appetizer with prunes, cauliflower salad with beef and lemon jelly. In addition, the competition participants will bake bread on a trailed bakery block PCB-04 and ovens KhP-04, and field cookers PP-40 and portable kitchens for small teams MK-20.

Ru-Main, 20.04.2021 

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